My life with fitness and athletics began at an early age. Raised in Montana and Wyoming I was involved in competitive snow skiing, rock climbing, kayaking and hiking. Somewhere in my 20's I entered the gym and began to support  my strength in order to effectively participate in all of these outdoor activities. I have been a strength coach for 10 years and about 6 years ago I was introduced to kettlebell training and from there went on to certify with StrongFirst at Pavel's 1st certification in Houston and have since gone on to certify SFG II at the Dome in Chicago. It was not until my introduction to the Amazing 12 and Paul McIlory that the world of strength training programming was truly revealed to me.  I am very honored to have been chosen to certify with Paul's very first group of global A12 coaches.  I am currently coaching many different groups under the Amazing 12 protocol. My clients results are like no other they have ever accomplished before and they love how they are pushed to their physical limits with safety and form. I too have gained tremendous strength and mobility since doing the Amazing 12. Several years ago I had a serious accident that resulted in several injuries but the one that haunted me was my left rotator cuff. Since completing the A12 myself and working around that injury I've not only remedied my problem, I've also learned how to work around my clients previous injuries and in turn not cause them to have further complications but to actually make them stronger than they've ever been before. My passion is helping people discover their personal and physical best.  The Amazing 12 allows me to deliver a strength program with complete confidence that will give my clients everything they had hoped for and more.